Blockchain Application Development

Blockchain, the latest disruptive technology and the next big thing to shape our lives and future.

Developing applications on the blockchain is certainly something that's new and cutting edge – in fact, there is a new word called Decentralized Applications or DApps to describe the type of applications that are powered by the blockchain.

There are numerous Blockchain platforms available and being released very frequently. We at Logicsoft specialize in providing enterprise blockchain solutions to organizations.

With our experience over two decades in providing custom developed solutions in web technologies, we now extend our services in blockchain to our customers

Blockchain Services

Blockchain Consulting

With our experience and vast expertise in internet domain. advise organizations on blockchain by understanding their business processes and make them the best through the solutions we provide.

Private Blockchain (Enterprise)

Build permissioned private blockchain solutions for organizations to save costs in infrastructure and operations.

DApp Development

Build Decentralized application which runs on a Peer-to-Peer network using Ethereum, Hyperledger instead of hosting it in centralized server.

Smart Contract Development

Build /Create digital self executing smart contract to secure and automate enforcement in a business transaction without middlemen.

Hyperledger Development

Setting up enterprise blockchain through open source hyperledger development tools and platform that are scalable, immutable, protected, trusted and bring in transparency.

Custom Blockchain

Blockchain solutions which can integrate with your existing mobile and web apps making them Dapps.

Key Benefits of Blockchain

Key Benefits and Highlights of using Blockchain Technology

  • High-end data and transaction security which is more reliable compared to the other means of data storage.
  • Not possible to alter data once stored on the blockchain which eliminates the probability of data manipulation and corruption.
  • Transactions or Information stored are highly transparent and traceable which reduces the risk of frauds.
  • Through blockchain, one can process cross-border financial transactions quickly thus saving a lot of time.
  • Cost effective technology which can bring down the cost of maintenance.

  • Few futuristic blockchain applications which can address the existing problems of manipulation and malpractices/frauds immediately:

  • Proof of Ownership: Record ownership for any tangible or intangible asset like land rights, real estate ownership, certificates etc. The blockchain ledger cannot be altered so the rightful owner of a property can be tracked easily.
  • Authenticated Voting : Record the voting which cannot be manipulated/tampered as the votes would have a timestamp and other details recorded along with it to prove the authenticity of the votes.
  • Inter-organizational data management : Enables easy maintenance, better accessibility, and monitoring of data at organizations with customized access to the data as per their company policies.
  • Digital Identity : Identity of an individual stored in blockchain due to the immutable feature can be used for tracing the true identity of an individual.

DApp Platforms and Technology



Industry sector/domain we specialize

Blockchain has already been adopted globally and there's application of the technology in Finance, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Logistics, Real Estate and may other industries.

We focus and specialize on the following domains which is an extension to our experience in web 2.0