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Asset Tracking & Complaint Management System

ManageAssets : Technical Specification

The manageAssets system offers you flexibility, scalability and expandability in various technology areas that you might be using or you intend to use after implementing manageAssets. The most important technical aspect we would like to share with you is that the architecture or technology platform or operating system should never be a problem when you decide to start using this product.
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Technical Specification


Multi-layered 3-tier architecture – User interface, application and database layers

Operating System

Windows class servers. Unix / Linux options are available if required

Technology Platform

J2EE/Java with Enterprise Java Beans

Standards Compliance

Solution developed based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3

Database / RDBMS

MySQL database is distributed by default. Can be migrated to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases or any other database of your preference, if required

Security & Integrity

MD5 with Salt Authentication. Can be run within the firewall and access can be provided only for internal user groups. Can control restricted access to any class of TCP/IP layer, if required.

User Authentication

In-built user management, option available to integrate with Single Sign-on through ADSI / LDAP. Capabilities available to create multiple functional user groups with desired roles

Alerts and Messages

Fully customizable user and system alerts through email and SMS gateways.


Deployment can be on a shared server. Recommended to run on a dedicated server for best performance. Scalability options available for 3 or more servers

User Interface

Web-browser based. Compatible with popular browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Netscape.

License Policy

Single Server License. No limitation on number of users. If required to be deployed over multiple locations, add-on server licenses need to be purchased

Try and Buy

Options available to user the product in a Trial Mode. The data created and used through the trial version can be retained without rework on the actual licensed version, when purchased.

Easy to Deploy

The great advantage of Manage Assets is that you can deploy it at your one of your office location, and can be used by users across all the office locations.

Free from Software Licenses Hassles

As the manage assets solution developed using complete Open Source frameworks and databases, you do not incur additional costs on purchase of 3rd party software / databases and licenses


The base software has been developed to meet most of the scenarios. If required specific requirements and needs can be incorporated into the product