Employment Verification

Verification through online HRMLEDGER Platform

With effect from 1st Jan 2020, we are pleased to inform that all our ex-employee background verification shall be carried out using the Online HRMLEDGER platform.

Any document/certificate issued by us to our employees, if required to be verified for its geniuiness by external organizations (OR) any third party agency, have to submit their request through online HRMLEDGER platform.


  • Visit https://hr.docsledger.com (OR) click on PROCEED button provided below

  • Sign Up yourself as Verifier in HRMLEDGER Platform

  • Login to HRMLEDGER Platform using the credentials provided during Sign Up

  • On successful login, use the VERIFY, UPLOAD DOCUMENT FOR VERIFICATION option, choose Logicsoft International Pvt. Ltd. as Issuer and submit an online request for verification and approval
  • Note: No email request shall be accepted for the purpose of ex-employee background verification.