Case Studies​

The case studies below show Logicsoft’s solutions in action for our customers, partner organisations, other stakeholders and vast number of end-users.

Food Agriculture

Food and Agriculture Sector is one of the oldest industry vertical we have been focusing on. We have worked for more than 2 decades in this sector, creating solutions to almost all the key stakeholders in this sector in India.


Logicsoft was part of very early and pioneering eGovernance initiatives in India. Designed & implemented few of the first-ones in India in the areas of Food, Agriculture, Power, Oil & Gas & Health Care Sectors.

Digital Publishing

Logicsoft’s journey into the Publishing Industry started off in the year of 1996 and continues to be one of the key competitive area, cutting through various technologies and user experience platforms.Le


Logicsoft has successfully designed traceability solutions, which can be customized for any Food Product. Live systems running for various food items include GrapeNet, TraceNet, AnarNet and Peanut.Net.

Supply Chain​

Our expertise relating to Supply Chain grown along with industry around the world. Our functional knowledge and technical skills enabled us to create solutions and products across multiple industry sectors and functional domains in solving problems for key stakeholders.


Our offerings and solutions built for the Healthcare Service Providers and Education Institutions in India – covering Healthcare Institutions, Healthcare Professionals and Central and State-level Healthcare Governing Bodies in India.


Our travel along the evolution of the needs for data crunching, processing & analytics gave us experience to handle millions of datasets & thousands of analytics parameters in domains like international trade, demographic, healthcare, agriculture and supply chain.


Our focus into the Government centric egovernance projects has helped us to be part of some of the very successful eGovernance initiatives in India serving large audiences across in the Government-to-Government and Government-to-Business segments.


The Business-to-business (B2B) gateway and directory service platforms evolved themselves into marketplaces today. Our journey alongside this emerging industry allowed us to add some of the niche skillsets and expertise in our offerings.


Business-to-consumer (B2C) services made the consumers more stronger in deciding about any product or service of their choice, with power to compare and decide on any product or service. We have created few of the finest B2C services during this period.