What is manageOffice?

manageOffice is a cloud-based software solution for enabling paperless office communication.

manageOffice has been designed with an objective to integrate various, seemingly unrelated, activities within an organization and help reduce the movement of hard copy papers within an organization.

Main Features
  • The user interface is web-based, straightforward and easy to use.
  • This facilitates easier deployment over the Local Area Network, Wide Area Network as well as over internet whenever required.
  • The complete system works with a centralized back-end database to store the necessary structured information, captured by the user.
  • Capture the maintenance and flow of documents.
  • Keeping control information about documents, with/without storing the documents electronically.
  • Two-track search – one with keywords and the other a full-text search on all the documents.
  • Tracking physical files movement in the organization.
  • Facility of recording noting electronically.
  • Linking files and documents with tasks, appointments and schedules.
  • Allows tracking and cross-referencing of schedules, tasks and appointments with documents/letters/reference material
  • Searching files and documents based on tasks, appointments, event, subject and related keywords.