Application Development & Maintenance

Logicsoft International uses open web technologies such as Web Browser front ends, Java based forms, and hyperlinks and backend database access through automatic script generators. The objective is to provide a system that can provide the true advantages of web technology such as freedom from obsolescence and hardware platform independence.

All triggers processing shall occur on the database and application server, while the user interface processing occurs on the HTML/DHTML/XML Form Clients. Users will be required to Logon to the server through a Web-browser over IP. The Forms Clients shall be generic, dynamic, feature rich and thin. User verification and access rights validation shall be carried out before servicing the user’s request.

These applications are usually completely integrated, upgradeable to incorporate new features. They are also expandable/ Scalable ( to add new modules or enhance the features of existing modules whenever required ). One of the primary considerations has been shorter response time while processing queries, reports and updates.