Agriexchange – Agri Trade Portal for Global Buyers & Indian Exporters

Stakeholders: Public Access

Date of launch: N/A

Brief background: Agri Exchange is the Market Intelligence and Trade Facilitation portal of APEDA, available as a part of APEDA website. It is an interactive platform, facilitates access to the hitherto difficult to obtain international market intelligence ranging from sourcing countries, partner countries, India’s position, import procedures and regulations, custom tariffs, quality standards, even SPS issues, etc., up to prices of important commodities of the major markets. This will also be a platform where importers can submit their trade enquiries online and get serviced by genuine APEDA registered members.

Foundation of the portal has been developed on the statistics. All the countries in the Agri Trade have been taken into account. Reliable data sources like UN Comtrade, FAO and DGCIS have been used. Regular update related to the statistics is done. Up to date information on the 700 products (approx.) related to APEDA and other agencies have been hosted. Information on the SPS Measures of different countries, MRLs, Country Profile, Service providers in the Agri export business and Market news has also became an integral part of the portal.

APEDA’s AgriExchange portal also releases a daily newsletter, after collection and compilation of national and international news related to Agro sector.

Size of Audience reached (till August 2015): Daily 1000+ hits

Size of Audience intended to reach over next one year (if available):

Technology platform: ASP.NET 3.5, C# and Microsoft sql server 2008

Demo or Live URL of the project (if available)