Official Website of Census of India

Client: Office of the Registrar General, India (Census of India), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Project Description: Census of India is the official portal of the Registrar General Census Commissioner of India. The website carries extensive data related to population of India, from national level to state, district and up to village and town level.

The Indian Census is the largest single source of a variety of statistical information on different characteristics of the people of India. With a history of more than 130 years, this reliable, time tested exercise has been bringing out a veritable wealth of statistics every 10 years, beginning from 1872 when the first census was conducted in India non-synchronously in different parts. To scholars and researchers in demography, economics, anthropology, sociology, statistics and many other disciplines, the Indian Census has been a fascinating source of data. The rich diversity of the people of India is truly brought out by the decennial census which has become one of the tools to understand and study India.

The responsibility of conducting the decennial Census rests with the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India (ORGI) under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. This organization is responsible for generating data on population statistics including Vital Statistics and Census. ORGI is also entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 in the country.

ORGI has an extensive web portal at and this portal carries lot of information, in text, statistical, graphical and map forms, related to Census, Social Studies and other activities of ORGI.

This web portal was designed with a focus on educating the Indian Public and Government Officials and disseminating information.

The ORGI website also attracts large number of visitors and ORGI has made a successful presence in internet social media (e.g facebook with more than 20,000 likes) for dissemination of Census findings.

ORGI received regular feedback from visitors, Government/private/public agencies and studies from reputed agencies and these have indicated a requirement for a serious revamp of the Census Portal, with an extensive focus on dissemination of useful and easy-to-access data, in multi-lingual and multi-platform delivery.