Civil Registration System

Client: Office of the Registrar General, India (Census of India), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India


Project Description: Civil Registration System (CRS) Birth and Death Registration (BDR) Application is primarily a web based application developed as a common solution across the country to registration of Births, Deaths and Still births; generation of certificate of registration and the statutory statistical tables, required under the Registration of Births & Deaths Act (RBD Act), 1969.

Civil Registration System (CRS) is a public utility service provided by the Government through which general public can obtain birth/death certificates, which have several civil uses to them in the form of proof of age, domicile, inheritance, etc. There is no substitute for the statistics generated from an efficient and complete CRS. It has immense utility for successful planning in the areas of population control and public health administration. Registration of vital events, thus, provides the foundation for policy and program development and implementation, and a platform for the delivery of government services to the population. Besides, it also strengthens the capacity of national and local administrators to deliver services by helping to identify what interventions are needed and by whom.

Software is built on open source technology and framework (PHP and My Sql).

The features under the mentioned software has been enhanced with provisions:

  1. For registering an event in State’s official language,

  2. Hospitals to report events online to their concerned registrar,

  3. Entry of events by Data Entry Operator under Registrar,

  4. Approval system for registrar for the events reported by DEO as well as the medical institutions,

  5. Facility for general public to report domicile events online,

  6. Facility to search, verify and print the birth/death certificates,

  7. Bilingual certificates with QR code, facsimile signature of Registrar/Sub-Registrar etc.

  8. Provision to Add Child Name

  9. Provision to Add Adopted Child Details