Sales/Publishing CRM for Digital Media/Accounts Management

Stakeholders: GNL, EPP and Etisalat

Date of launch: 01/09/2011

Brief background:The EPP CRM is a fully customized and user friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system created and delivered to take care of key business and functional activities part of the business of publishing print and electronic directories for Etisalat Yellow Pages, Etisalat White Pages and related sales activities. The CRM caters to large set of functional requirements covering end-to-end activities relating to the core publishing business covering key elements like managing contracts, management artwork, manage collections, manage sales force, etc.

Size of Audience reached : In house System for EPP (150 plus users)


Size of Audience intended to reach over next one year (if available):N/A

Technology platform:ASP.NET 2.0, C# and Microsoft sql server 2008

Demo or Live URL of the project (if available):