Portal Content Management System for (Yellow Pages and White Pages) PCM

Stakeholders: GNL and EPP

Date of launch: 01/04/2012

Brief background:It is the interface between the CRM and Websites through which the content is managed which needs to be displayed in the respective websites. PCM is the medium through which the advertisements/media were uploaded into the Yellowpages.ae and Whitepages.ae websites and for reporting purpose as well.

Size of Audience reached : In house System for EPP (15-20 users)

Size of Audience intended to reach over next one year (if available):N/A

Technology platform:ASP.NET 2.0, C# and Microsoft sql server 2008

Demo or Live URL of the project (if available): http://www.yellowpages.ae/PCM , http://www.whitepages.ae/PCM

Related Segments: Publishing & Analytics