Integrated Analysis and Reporting System for Socio-Economic Survey

Client: Office of the Registrar General, India (Census of India), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Project Description: SS Division is the application which is used for classifying the gathered vast details of SC and ST in India. All the details gathered about SC and ST is not accurate. It may be disproportionate size of different Castes (as occupational groups), wide regional variations of Castes, and absence of racial purity involving any Caste etc. There are thousands of new unclassified Caste returns, although many of which as clan/territory/surname etc. are in fact wrongly reported as Caste names, suggest constant changing and evolving of social identities in India. Because of the above said reasons classification is required for SC and ST. It is very arduous for the users to classify such a very big list of castes manually. To overcome all these issues SS Division has been introduced and the classification is computerized. This system helps the user to fetch any particular caste details from the large number of list and classify it according to the existing database.