Itrack system – Extranet for APEDA and its Stakeholders

Stakeholders: Exporters and APEDA Internal officials

Date of launch: 21st Jan 2011 (launched module wise, 21st Jan 2011 is the last module uploading date)

Brief background: i-Track System of APEDA is a Web-based Software System which integrates various applications for the use of APEDA Officers / Staffs, to carry out their day-to-day functions like:

  • Register / Renew an Exporter and Issue RCMC (Paperless)
  • Verify /Track Exporters Monthly Export Returns (Party Returns)
  • Process Financial Assistance Scheme Application (FAS)
  • Process Market Development Assistance Scheme Application (MDA)
  • Process Transport Assistance Subsidy Application (TAS)
  • Process Registration-Cum-Allocation Application & Issue RCAC (Paperless)
  • Track Internal / External DAKs (Diary Dispatch)
  • Track Files (All Internal / Scheme Related)
  • Consumable Inventory (Indents / Approvals / Issue by Store)  
  • Voucher Generation & Cheque Printing (Budget Section)
  • Cash Book (Budget Section)
  • Record Maintenance of Parliament Questions
  • Grievance system
  • Market access Issues
  • Intranet

I-Track system also provide the interface for exporters to

  • Register as Member
  • Update Company Profile
  • Submit Monthly Export Returns (Party Returns)
  • Apply for Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)
  • Apply for Market Development Assistance Scheme (MDA)
  • Apply for Transport Assistance Subsidy (TAS)
  • Apply for Registration-Cum-Allocation Certificate (RCAC) – Exporter of Rice

It is mandatory for APEDA registered member exporter to apply / submit details online for all the above mentioned activities and i-Track System acts as an interface for exporter to apply /submit details to APEDA.

This system also provides a facility for APEDA registered member exporter to check the status of already submitted schemes applications using the Application Tracking No. (ATN) / Application Number (in the case of RCAC) that gets generated as a reference number at the time of submission of application/details online.

I-Track System generates the “Application Form” for schemes applications and RCAC along with an “Acknowledgement” (in the case of APEDA Schemes application).

To use i-Track system, the exporter need to login with APEDA RCMC No., User ID and password provided by APEDA at the time of registration of membership (RCMC).

Size of Audience reached (till August 2015): 25000 +

Size of Audience intended to reach over next one year (if available):

Technology platform: ASP.NET 3.5 C# 2.0, WCF, MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2008,

Demo or Live URL of the project (if available)