Food Processing Information System

Stakeholders: All divisions of MoFPI, Food Processing Industry India and worldwide, Manufacturers, Investors etc.

Date of launch: 28th September, 2015

Brief background: The system has several modules targeting their own audience. Different modules have different objectives and process flow.

System includes three modules- Sanction System: The primary objective of this module is to Generate and Track the progress of Planned Expenditures of the Ministry. The process of issuing sanction orders is followed through this system which leads to real time tracking & monitoring of planned expenditures.

Food Map: Provides information regarding production data of crops, Food Processing Infrastructure- Mega Food Park, cold chain etc. This module has a public interface for the Food Manufacturers/Processors etc. to gather information regarding the availability of raw materials for sourcing, infrastructure, laboratories etc.

Data Bank: This is comprehensive database which consists of Export/Import data, FDI Inflow (Foreign Direct Investment), Registered Industries, Production data, ASI units data, Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and Index of Industrial Production (IIP).

Size of Audience reached : N/A


Size of Audience intended to reach over next one year (if available):N/A

Technology platform: ASP.NET, SQL Server, WCF, JQUERY, AJAX etc.

Demo or Live URL of the project (if available):