Mother Tongue Survey of India Management System

Client: Office of the Registrar General, India (Census of India), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Project Description: The Linguistic Survey of India (LSI) is a language survey conducted by the Language Division which is one of the many divisions of the Census of India body which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs. This survey covers all the languages spoken by people throughout the country. It is evident that in India, different states have different languages, LSI aims at covering not only each state’s language, but also all the dialects.

The LSI Management System is a computer system designed and developed to manage the managerial and data collection tasks undertaken by all the different stakeholders, hence promoting a timely completion and verification of all the activities done by its users. It is a web application that is available 24X7 to its users, and is available for use only to the authorized users.

The LSI Management System will be performing the following key tasks:

• Assigning variables and tasks

• Updating completed tasks

• Verifying updated tasks

• Uploading and downloading reports

The above tasks facilitate the communication between the users and manage the necessary activities carried out to conduct and complete the survey.

LSI Management System will be used by Directorate Census Officer (DCO), Multimedia Team (MMT), Transcriber (TS), Language Division (LD), Senior Professor (SP), Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Sub Language Division (Sub LD), Office of the Registrar General of India (ORGI), and the Administrator (Admin).