ROHINI (Registry Of Hospitals In Network Of Insurance)

Stakeholders: ROHINI (Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance)

Date of launch: November 2015

Brief background: ROHINI (Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance) is a web portal developed by Logicsoft using open source platform of LAMP (Linux, Apache, My SQL and PHP) for Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) of India to maintain a unique database of all Hospitals in the Health Insurance domain. The unique features of this portal are a robust de-dupe process based on sound-ex algorithm which ensures that no duplicate records find their way into the registry and a mobile application which is used to update the database with image & geo co-ordinates of the hospital from any location across India. The geo co-ordinates will not only help in the de-dupe process but will also help to locate the hospital precisely on Google maps. Many workflows are built into the system such as a workflow for approval of new hospitals when they want to enrol for the first time or when they want to change their identity details or when a new subscriber wants to subscribe to the registry.

Further each hospital in the registry is uniquely identified by assigning a GLN (Global Location Number) provided by GS1 India. The information in the registry will be available to all stake holders such as Insurance Companies, TPAs, Hospitals, Researchers, Consultants, Govt. Organizations, statutory bodies as well as public at large.

At present ROHINI has nearly 33000 unique records of hospitals and the number is expected to grow substantially once the registry is formally launched by IIB.