Data Science Services

As Gartner says “There is no shortage of enterprise data today. The digital era calls for analytics to be infused in every role, business process, decision and action”, the real analysis of the available data and making use of the analysis for decision making and timely action is going to be the real future of key decision makers of almost all the business enterprises across the globe in the decade to come.

Logicsoft provides Data Science services and solutions which best suit the client’s ETL Process needs and Machine Learning Model requirements to gain insights from data that grows continuously across various industries.

With digital transformations powering today’s e-connected world, a vast amount of data needs to be continually managed across four distinct dimensions: volume, variety, velocity, and veracity. We provide Data Science Consulting which helps enterprises to extract value from these massive amounts of data to drive business growth and efficiency.

Today, enterprises are applying data science to unlock the value of Big Data with actionable insights to allow for data-driven decisions for products and services that reduce customer churn, improve customer satisfaction, optimize operations, re-define business strategies and increase revenue.


Our experienced Data Science experts have extensive hands-on experience with various Data Science tools and technologies such as Google TensorFlow™, Keras, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, R Studio, and more, to implement multi-step ETL processing, data visualization, and machine learning solutions.

With the fast-growing creation of information along with convergence of data happening at multiple information hubs within them, today’s organizations face an explosion of data from more sources than ever before. As a result, many companies are rethinking their strategy to traditional enterprise storage and architecture to utilize and strategize with big data technologies. Storing and managing these huge pools of information is a challenge for many enterprises. But big data analytics also offers significant opportunities.

At Logicsoft, we have the expertise in big data tools and processes to derive actionable insights from mountains of disparate data that enterprises collect each day. Our specialists have pioneered big data analytics solutions for leading industry segments across the globe and we offer complete services to help you harness the power of your big data. These include the following:
  • Big Data Analytics lab setup at our Corporate Headquarters – Gurgaon, India that focus on product evaluation and performance benchmarking
  • Innovative industry-tailored frameworks to meet unique domain needs
  • Business transformation through a mix of performance management and next-generation analytics
  • Industry solution accelerators and data aggregators
Experts from Logicsoft deliver big data and analytics services to help you strengthen your IT foundation and realize new possibilities that enable accelerated growth. Logicsoft enables organizations to improve operational efficiency and lower risk with enterprise data solutions.