Press Releases - 2016

Food Inspection Prioritization System (FIPS) Introduction

FIPS is a prioritization logic that shall examine the relevant details of an imported food consignment and identify which one should be subjected for sampling. FIPS in a nutshell shall:

  • Identify high/substantial risk food consignments and assist FSSAI Authorize Officers to decide which one should be inspected more thoroughly
  • be integrated with FICS and run in the background as a service
  • have a suitable Administrator interface to classify food products under various categories (defined in next slide) and capture alerts (Government)
  • be based on Risk Based Inspection mechanism (RBI) i.e. Higher the risk higher level of scrutiny is required
  • be based on the compliance history of the imports and will have a mechanism to gradually decrease the level of sampling
  • Record deviations and shall automatically tighten up the sampling frequency

FIPS Genesis

  • Currently all the consignments that are referred by customs are subject to 100% sampling which leads to extraordinary man hours of efforts.
  • 100% Sampling also implies higher cost of doing business for importers.
  • Simplified business process based on Scientific logic
  • Fast clearance of imported food consignments