Press Releases - 2013

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) awards contract to Logicsoft for supply and commissioning of manageAssets Product for managing fault complaints to its customer Indian Railways.

As you are aware CEL is a Company working for Indian Railways.This new system that we are supplying to CEL will help them to service Indian Railways, where the users from Indian Railways will be able to log on the complaints about the equipments installed within Indian Railways Network across India, and CEL’s support team shall service the complaints. This system has been defined and modeled around the standard guidelines of Indian Railways.

Our online Failure Reporting and Management System is proposed and being designed to provide the following benefits to you while servicing Indian Railways:

  1. The Design Engineers will be able to analyze all the calls related to the design issues/card replace, software related issues etc and will take the necessary actions in the design if required.
  2. The system will generate the reports (Monthly, Fortnightly, Half Yearly & Yearly) giving the stakeholders the general information like calls reported, calls closed & calls addressed.
  3. Details like the most occurring errors at the site, how many systems are commissioned, warranty due, Most faults occur from zones, frequency of failures occurring and their causes.
  4. Generate the reports for MIS and analysis purposes and sharing these reports with other relevant departments of railways and RDSO.
  5. Ability to record & classify all the identified problems.
  6. Ability to respond to incidents and service request with in the agreed timeline.
  7. Ability to provide the end user to log a complaint or request in a web based format.
  8. This system has ability to record the calls based on phone calls manually.
  9. Ability to generate alerts into the predefined mobile number / Email IDs of the resources (Engineer) of the Vendor.
  10. Ability to show “Call closed successfully” on rectification of fault. Alerts for the same are received at the email IDs of the concerned officer of the end user.
  11. Ability to generate a dashboard for the Management.
  12. Ability to escalate the problem to the higher officials of the Vendor in case the problem is not resolved within time and many more.