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The Need

  • Government Officials have got a stupendous task of catering to extremely disjoint actions, activities, decisions and processes related to governance at any point of time.
  • Appointments, Tasks, Schedules, Documents and Files of each one of the officials are discrete elements, very important in their own right.
  • Seemingly unrelated information elements, collection and follow-up of each of them happen independently.
  • A lot of control information flows around and with all of them, interconnecting, integrating and converting all these elements into one monolithic structure called the Governance.

Who Needs it ?

  • Today, taking note of this interconnecting control information is actually the responsibility of the Officials in the organization.
  • Given the enormity of the amount of information that crosses the various Policy, Administrative, Legislative, Promotional and Governance functions that the organization has to discharge, it becomes humanly impossible to keep track of each of them, and maintain the control information manually.
  • It would be of tremendous help to use an Integrated System for capture, dissemination and use all of these action and information elements, along with the control information.

The Solution: ManageOffice from Logicsoft

  • manageoffice is an Integrated Administrative Information Management Solution, designed and developed by Logicsoft to cater to these needs, and help the Indian Government Ministries and Departments to maintain the control information that drives the operations.
  • An indigenously developed product from Logicsoft, the Product has been designed to meet the requirements of day-to-day functions of the various Government bodies.
  • manageoffice is a first step towards making your office use less Paper.

About Logicsoft ManageOffice

  • manageoffice is an integrated software solution for file tracking, document management requirements. It gives simple-to use and most commonly needed productivity tools for workflow in Public Institutions

ManageOffice Versions

    • E-Files
    • E-Letters (Dak / Communication) – In & Out
    • E-Docs (Document Repository and Management)
    • E-Draft (Internal Note / Document Creation)
    • Microsoft Teams Integration
    • Digital Signature
    • Appointments & Integration with Calendar
    • 5 days of training and implementation support (Remote)
    • Telephonic / Email / Web Chat Support during Office hours – 24 hours TAT


    • Features of Standard +
    • QR Code based Attendance Management
    • Appointments
    • Leave Management
    • Intranet
    • Contracts Management
    • 20 days Training and Implementation Support
    • Named Customer Account Support Executive
    • Telephonic / Email / Webchat Support during Office hours – 8 hours TAT


ManageOffice – Feature Highlights

  • ManageOffice focuses on Digitalization of Government Organizations workflow, which predominantly operates around
    • Communication (Letters) received from Outside and Sent Outside
    • Files
    • Internal workflow for moving 1 and 2 among staff and officers within the organization till a logical closure (administrative or technical or financial) is accomplished
  • Keeping control information about documents & Files, with/without storing the documents electronically.

ManageOffice – Technology Architecture

  • Built around Microsoft Cloud Architecture using Sharepoint, Power Automate, Power Apps, etc.,
  • Can be easily deployed for any customer already having Office 365 licenses, without any additional cost
  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams, making it mobile enabled
  • Can be easily integrated with eGovernance applications due to Open Architecture and Web Services / API available
  • Can be integrated with any third party Digital / e_signature like Docu Sign, AADHAAR, e-Mudra, OTP based Authenticator, etc.

ManageOffice – Deployment Infrastructure

Minimum 365 License Requirements

  • One E5 License: E5 is a premium Microsoft 365 subscription that includes advanced features like advanced threat protection, analytics, and collaboration tools.
  • Microsoft 365 Basic License (per user): This is a standard license for basic Office 365 services, including email, calendar, and productivity tools.

Additional Licenses:

  • Microsoft Co-Pilot (if Generative AI integration required): Co-Pilot may be an optional add-on for organizations that require Generative AI integration for intelligent note content generation.
  • Microsoft Syntex (if AI-based document processing): Syntex for advanced document understanding and processing capabilities, Syntex can be an optional license.

Deployment from Microsoft Solutions Directory:

  • ManageOffice is the SaaS application which can deployed from the Microsoft Solutions Directory.

ManageOffice Advantages

  • Improved Efficiency and Reduction in Response Times
  • Consistency, Tracking and Control of Noting
  • Reduction of duplicate / wasteful work
  • Increased Control over the workflow
  • Person Independency
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Required information at every level, in fingertips
  • Less effort for locating files or Documents at every stage

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