Business Consulting

Logicsoft has an in-house core business consulting team, led by senior advisors team that works very closely with all existing and potential customers’ right from the stage of “Proof of concept” building. The broad areas of services include, Leveraging Internet for your organization

  • Internet Presence through websites and portals
  • Portal Content Management
  • Online Applications (E-commerce / E-business / Workflow Automation)
  • Data Collection, Reporting and Management
  • Web Promotion
eGovernance Interfaces

E-governance Interface for Indian Government and Public Sector Organizations:

  • We have successfully developed and implemented various egovernance interfaces and application solutions, enterprise-wide public / private user groups
  • Providing a consumer friendly or public friendly interface becomes a challenge to any Government Organization without compromising the procedures, policies, security aspects
  • We have successfully implemented various gateway interfaces for Indian Central Government Ministries and Departments to exactly serve this very basic need
  • We have designed and developed systems that helps organizations to serve
    1. their internal automation needs
    2. provide a common medium between them and all their allied and nodal agencies spread over the country
    3. provide platform for the public interfaces
eBusiness Strategy

E-business Strategy, Development and Implementation for Retail industry:

  • Our experience with retail industry, from implementing point of sales solutions at retail chain stores to implementing an integrated supply chain management and tracking systems to country-wide spread retail circuits, has been an enthralling experience and knowledge
  • Design, development and implementation of end-to-end eBusiness Strategy for retail and supply chain industries has given us great level of exposure and experience in terms of real time issues faced by the businesses in terms of the requirement of sharing the required information between their various business units in terms of inventory or sales information, sourcing or vendor information, aging analysis
  • We help our clients to capture various data elements that are required to track and improve their business processes, see the differentiators that would bring in change, improve their bottom lines and stability by providing right kind of Management Information and Reporting
Pure-play online ventures:

Setting up your own pure-play online ventures:

  • With our company management’s enriching experience over last decade of operations working with varied kind of domains and industry segments, we help you to evolve a strategy, setup infrastructure, design and develop online solutions that would be in-line with your existing sales and marketing strategies.
  • The major goal of almost all our solutions to our clients has been towards providing a very effective online medium through their enterprise portals , online applications , transaction and information exchange to reach either their end-user groups or various stack holders.
  • Our solutions speak about us in domain areas like Agriculture and Fresh Produce , Food Safety & Traceability , Industrial Products , Health Care, Fashion, Census and Population , Sports Goods, Academy & Education and Supply Chain.