Benefits of manageOffice

To your Organization

  • Improved Efficiency and Reduction in Response Times
  • Consistency, Tracking and Control of Noting
  • Reduction of duplicate / wasteful work
  • Increased Control over the workflow
  • Better tracking, rewarding, monitoring and control
  • Person Independency
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • The bottleneck of lower level staff will be removed
  • Work load measurement possible more scientifically
  • Yearly Evaluation of Performance more accurate
  • Cost Saving
To your Officers
  • Follow-up of tasks after assignment becomes easier
  • Pending List preparation is automatic giving Things to do list
  • Productivity increases giving more confidence and peace of mind
  • Less effort in retrieving required information at every level
  • Less effort for locating files at every stage
  • Performance of individuals are objectively measured
  • Reduction of Inefficiency of employees
To the Citizens/Businesses
  • Person Independency
  • Less time spent on any interaction with various levels
  • Less Money Spent on Compliance to Government Rules
  • Increased Business and Individual Competitiveness