Asset Tracking & Complaint Management System

Why Manage Assets?

Manage assets is a software that has the ability to manage, maintain, and track assets, such as CPU, monitors keyboards, UPS, printers, Scanners, pen drives, hard disk drives from purchase to disposal and to use asset data to operate more efficiently and make better business decisions.

By implementing manage assets, it shall provide transparency in flow and end-user group satisfaction for the over all benefit of the users and business.

If you work in the information technology industry you know that managing your equipment and keeping an accurate inventory of supplies can present a significant challenge. Imagine if that challenge could be met with a simple software package that allowed you to track any piece of equipment that you can tag with a barcode label.

With Manage Assets, managing your equipment and supplies becomes an automated process that will ultimately save you time and money. What makes this possible is barcode software that helps you track every last monitor, router, and computer you own. Our software is sophisticated in the way that it distinguishes between the different kinds of things that you own, but flexible and user friendly enough to adjust to the many ways you may want to use it. What exactly can it do for you?